Most Recent Additions*


The Mexico -US Border Region and the New Challenges of NAFTA
Maria Del Rosio Barajas-Escamilla PhD and Maritza Sotomayor


Tips from the top: How remarkable women lead in times of crisis (panel)
Susan R. Madsen, Claudia Caldeirinha, Salomé de Ugarte, Cindy R. Pace, and Silvana Koch-Mehrin


Overcoming institutional challenges to building the pipeline of women and girl leaders (panel)
Susan R. Madsen, Jennifer Martineau, Abeer A. Alharbi, Cathleen E. Clerkin, and Regina Eckert


Leading with impact in higher education: Strategies for current and aspiring leaders (preconference panel)
Susan R. Madsen, Jeffrey L. Buller, Ralph A. Gigliotti, Karen A. Longman, H. Eric Schockman, Lorraine A J Stefani, Norman Wright, and Thomas J. Yannuzzi


An electronic instruction manual and checklist for steam boiler start-up
Satoru Tokuda, Esa Rantenan, and Jessica C. Hill


The experience of parents of early returned missionaries
Krisistine J. Doty-Yells, Harmony Packer, Malisa M. Drake-Brooks, Russell T. Warne, and Cameron John


Sexual Assault Among Utah Women. Utah Women Stats Research Snapshot (No. 3).
Susan R. Madsen, Tiffany Turley, and Robbyn T. Scribner


Utah Women and STEM. Utah Women Stats Research Snapshot (No. 4).
Susan R. Madsen, Elizabeth Goryunova, and Robbyn T. Scribner

*Updated as of 03/23/18.